Money has always been a desire for most people. Money can give us many things and seems to be an end to all. On the contrary, it is the start of everything. The pandemic has changed everything for everyone; however, the perspective of the money is still the same: Money helps you with your goals (Webb, 2020). Everyone has different goals and one’s goals may have changed since the last year. No matter your goals, keeping the perspective of money is a tool will help you financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Money is money, it is the meaning we give to money that shapes one’s perspective. What mean have you been giving money? Has that view change since the pandemic? Prior to 2020, many people were most likely saying: “I am planning several vacations this year.” “We are buying a home.” “We are starting a business.” “I am paying my debut off.”

People have different views now. One person may say, “I can’t pay my rent.”  The next person could say, “I’ve been using my credit cards to pay for expenses.” Another person might say, “I don’t have any additional funds to pay my debut. The person after can say, “My hours have been reduced at work.”

Now the question is, “How can I see money as a tool?” 

A tool is “anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose (Random House, 2010).” What are the tasks or purposes you have for money? How much can money help you live out your dreams and goals? Whatever the goal, whatever the amount, money can be used as tool to live your life purposefully.

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