Wayne Powell, MA
(Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy)


Have you and your partner grown apart and lost interest in each other? Do you have challenges in your relationship that are causing you emotional distress? Are you planning to get married but have doubts and fears? If the answer is yes to the above questions then you just need to reach out and let’s start a conversation Wayne believes that relationships will not always be smooth sailing and that there will be periods of rough seas that couples will have to navigate. Wayne’s pledge is to guide you through those challenging moments by utilizing his professional training and experience. Wayne holds a MA degree in Counseling Psychology and is presently pursuing a PhD degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Northcentral University, Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, University of the West Indies

Special Credentials

Sex Therapy

Calendar of Availability

Wayne is no longer seeing clients at Seeking Shalom

Other Writing

Follow my column in the Jamaica Observer -All Woman where I respond to relational issues and concerns that people encounter

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Direct Seeking Shalom Phone Number: 646-568-5368