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This is NOT a Second Honeymoon: CLOSING WORDS


This article is extracted from “This is NOT a Second Honeymoon: Helping Couples Survive Spending A Lot of Time Together”, a book that was written by Christopher L. Smith to help couples during the COVID-19 pandemic. In his clinical work, he realized that couples being quarantined together have particular challenges. The book goes into a lot of these challenges along with strategies to survive these types of times and even to have their relationship thrive. We will be sharing a series of these extracts over several weeks to help you. If you would like to look at all of them together and get the book right away, it can be found on Amazon (Book).

Hopefully, these strategies have proven helpful to you and your partner. Not every strategy will apply to you, and you certainly should not attempt to do every strategy. Pick and chose what fits well for your relationship.

There will be an end to these current times. However, while you have to stay at home, allow this guide to make it as pleasant and connecting as possible.

In conclusion, thank you for considering these ideas. May you and your partner be blessed, and may your relationship flourish. Here's the Book.


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