Relationship Issues

We all go through every kind of problems in our relationship. Whether it’s private or public; professional or private. And it’s completely natural. We are human beings and differences of opinion are normal. We all go through such situations where we feel we should quit. Because we all have our own tolerance level. But because of these issues in life, we should not give up on any relationship. It takes years to build up a trust-worthy relationship but a few moments to destroy it.

There are some common issues in relationship that more or less every one of us faces. Let’s give it a look.


It often happens when differences of opinion occurs. There are few things which we set as relational rules and parties involving in the relationship must follow but when one party breaks that pact the situation of disagreements and arguments appear.

2.Lack of interaction:

Sometimes you forget the importance of your partner in your life. You start to take them as taken for granted and the other things become more important to you than to communicate with your partner. This creates a gap which cannot be filled by not interacting.

3. Change:

Change is hard. But if the partners go through this change in similar pace of each other then it’s a positive sign. But often time the case is opposite. The changing pace of the partners does not match and this is where change becomes hard and a sign of toxicity.

4. Unfaithfulness/Cheating:

This problem occurs when the parties being in the relationship do not get what they want. Either they are unable to say their needs and wants or they are simply too afraid to confront their partner. When cheating occurs it’s better to ask for psychological help if the situation gets worse.

5. Trauma:

Any shock or trauma happened in life can make you detached from the normal pace of life and put you in a situation of standing still. It sometimes makes you want to end your life. The partner often thinks to give the other party time to overcome which can create gap and creates issues and problems.

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6. Lack of appreciation:

You often forget to take time to appreciate our partner. Every tiny little thing in relationships matters. And if you do not appreciate those it creates a situation of anger and sadness. For example, if your partner cooks something and you don’t appreciate or even in intercourse.

7. Sexual issues:

Sexual issues need to be addressed as problems and need to be discussed. Some issues need medical help and some need psychological help. But ignoring these issues can cause severe problems in relationship and lead to cheating which makes it more toxic.

8. Money clashes:

One in ten people argues with their partner for money. Budgetary weights can be a weight for some, as indicated by Relate's ongoing report, "In Too Deep", which found that one out of 10 individuals contend with their accomplice about cash, obligation or funds at any rate once a fortnight. Keeping a secret about a debt from your partner can also be a reason behind creating an issue.

9. Acute boredom:

Being in a long term relationship can make you feel stuck at a point of your life. And as a human-being it’s quite natural. But not working on this issue could cost a lot. Getting out from this boredom is necessary to save a relationship.

10. Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, women become really cranky and moody. Some men are able to handle it and some are not. And pregnancy comes with great responsibilities. Sometimes money crunches happen that creates problems in relationships.

11. Children:

Parenting is two sided responsibility. It’s a shared responsibility but sometimes our significant other does not want to share the responsibility and the responsibilities go on to only one parent’s hand. And this creates issues.

12. Lack of compromise:

Inflexible in a relationship and unwillingness to do any compromise in relationship makes it hard for the other party.

13. Selfishness:

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Being selfish in relationship cannot last in the long run. Only caring about oneself, self-need without even thinking what the other party would feel is definitely a problem in any relationship.

14. Being secretive:

Keeping secrets from your partner is never a good option to have a healthy relationship. There are certain things that your partner should know and if you don’t tell them and they get to know it from others it creates a situation of distrust.

15. Aggressive and controlling behavior:

The anger issues and other psychological problems like controlling attitude can put you in a situation to quit.

Accessing help:

Before the situation gets worse everyone should get immediate help. Depending on the severity of the condition people should manage a way to cope up with these issues. The psychotherapist would engage you in talk therapy and help you restore a sense of harmony and mental stability. And the address of getting help from any professional is Seeking Shalom. Seeking Shalom has trained and experienced therapists in the area of depression. Seeking Shalom works with children, adolescents and adults. It offers you two contexts to help you deal with the issues. You can engage in weekly individual/family therapy or in a twelve week group setting where you get to interact with persons like yourself and together learn helpful strategies and techniques to deal with these issues. To pursue any of these options you can contact us via telephone at 212-655-9605. We would be happy to help you on this journey to healthier living.

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